Seventy Years Ago — India’s Independence.

After a four year hiatus, I am back. Today, Indian Independence Day, is an auspicious day to begin publishing again.  I plan to publish occassionally: the common thread will be India in general, and matters Indian generally related to our family.

Here is the podcast of Nehru’s Independence night speech  “Tryst With Destiny”  as  “…at the midnight hour..” he announced the Independence of India.  You may note the well cadenced, Harrow and Cambridge educated, “Brown Englishman”, orating a carefully prepared speech.   At the end of this short piece is the full text.  It is one of the greatest short speeches of all time. It still moves me seven decades later. Continue reading “Seventy Years Ago — India’s Independence.”

Apologies and Acknowledgements

First my apologies (again) for the long posting hiatus.  Other responsibilities have taken priority.

Not only have I not posted, I have not kept up with the email I have received, nor with the genealogical data correspondents have sent me.  Hopefully I will catch up with my emails soon and  begin posting more frequently.

I particularly want to acknowledge the correspondence from Donald Scott on the early (Huguenot) Blanchettes and various other Blanchette connections, from Leonore Wilde on the Dubois, Gardener and Blanchette connections, from Liz Chater ( on the Armenian connections, Danny Blanchette, Betty Bowden and several other Blanchette descendants on the many Blanchette connections, and Bruce Walker on the Roberts connections.  I will incorporate your data in various posts as soon as I can.

A Modern Indian’s View of pre Independence Anglo Indians

This Indian view (extracts below) of the Anglo Indians of his youth was recently published in the Times of India by Swapan Dasgupta.. I found the article remarkably accurate and nostalgic.  It describes the Anglo Indian world of the 1930s and 1940s well..  A thank you to my friend Shirley for alerting me to the article.  My comments follow the extract

Of longing and belonging

Once upon a time, the great newspapers had a separate department devoted to obituaries.  …Remembering yesterday has (now) become an unaffordable indulgence.

This may be why the death of Leslie Claudius, a former hockey captain and winner of four Olympic medals Continue reading “A Modern Indian’s View of pre Independence Anglo Indians”

Indo Armenians and Anglo Indians

Most of my recent posts have been concerned with the life of Mary Burgh (born ca 1797) and Burgh family connections to Anglo Indian history.  I have documented her Scottish antecedents, her Baptist affiliations, and the families of some of the Burgh Anglo Indian descendants down the years to the 1950’s, and thus to my own family, the Blanchettes. Continue reading “Indo Armenians and Anglo Indians”

Detailed Family Genealogical Data — From Andrew Burgh to Blanchettes and Others

During the last year I have been fortunate enough to have been sent a treasure trove of Anglo Indian genealogical data from various (usually distant) relatives.  All of them have given me permission to use their work.  Donald Scott, a very distant relative through the Burgh-Campbell family of Scotland whose sons went to India, is, by far, the most prolific of these relatives.  Where I just scrape the surface of genealogical history, Donald digs deeply through complete family relationships and is eager to share his findings.

Although I intend to summarize and publish all the appropriate data I have been sent by the various relatives, including photographs, it will take me many posts and several months — perhaps years — to accomplish all of it. Continue reading “Detailed Family Genealogical Data — From Andrew Burgh to Blanchettes and Others”