Apologies and Acknowledgements

First my apologies (again) for the long posting hiatus.  Other responsibilities have taken priority.

Not only have I not posted, I have not kept up with the email I have received, nor with the genealogical data correspondents have sent me.  Hopefully I will catch up with my emails soon and  begin posting more frequently.

I particularly want to acknowledge the correspondence from Donald Scott on the early (Huguenot) Blanchettes and various other Blanchette connections, from Leonore Wilde on the Dubois, Gardener and Blanchette connections, from Liz Chater ( http://www.chater-genealogy.com/) on the Armenian connections, Danny Blanchette, Betty Bowden and several other Blanchette descendants on the many Blanchette connections, and Bruce Walker on the Roberts connections.  I will incorporate your data in various posts as soon as I can.


4 Replies to “Apologies and Acknowledgements”

  1. Please don’t apologise on my account, our relationship has developed over more than 200 years – a few months is neither here nor there.
    Hope your family problems are resolving.


  2. Hi there, I have come across your blog and some other family history of the Blanchette/Roberts family and would like to make contact as we are related! Edward Roberts was my Great Great Grandfather and I, too, have the family story of Isobel and her little boy surviving in the Mutiny. That part of your story is exactly the same as ours but there are other differences which it would be great to discuss! For instance you do not seem to be aware that Edward and Isobel had a much older son, Robert Edward Roberts, who was born in 1835. He was my Great Grandfather. My cousin has recently come across a book in which, for the first time, we have discovered mention of Edward and the other little boy and their awful fate. It would be wonderful if you would contact me. I was born in India and after spending a great part of my life in Africa have at last settled down in England.


  3. Also just wanted to mention that a photo I have seen on your family tree site of Clarence Roberts is like a double of my cousin Barry !!


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